Dealing with an Orphan Heart – Prayer

  1. Father God.  There is pain in my heart and I feel
    – Alone
    – That I don’t belong
    – That no-one sees me as special
    – That no-one will look after me

  2. Today I choose to forgive all those who contributed to me feeling this pain, in particular [Name who he shows you]

  3. I repent of judging them and break agreement with the judgements I made.

  4. Please heal my heart, show me the truth, show me your-self and how you love me, walk with me, treasure me and provide for me.

  5. Holy Spirit please show me where I behave like an orphan.
    [Pause to Hear]

  6. I confess that I have behaved like an orphan in the following ways
    [Add what he has shown you]
    and I ask for your forgiveness

  7. I repent of believing the devil’s lie that I am alone.
    I break my agreement with the Orphan Spirit

  8. I choose to receive and believe your truth that
    – I am adopted as your son/daughter (Romans 8:15)
    – You will not leave me as an orphan  (John 14:18)
    – Your Holy Spirit will dwell in me forever as a witness to my adoption (Rom 8).

Encountering The Father’s Love 2020