Dealing With Judgements – Prayer

Where I have been hurt and my heart has reacted by judging

1.         FORGIVE – using the sample forgiveness prayer

2.         Father I confess that I have judged…………. (name of person) to be …………….
I repent of that judgement because I recognise that you are the only one who is qualified to judge.
Please forgive me.

3.         Thank you for your forgiveness. I choose to forgive myself too.

4.         Thank you, Jesus for taking all my judgments when you died on the cross.
Today I put the cross between myself and this judgment. And I place the cross between myself and the law of sowing and reaping. I take authority over the judgement now in Jesus’ name and break its power from my life.
………(name) I choose to give you mercy and mercy triumphs over judgement.

5.         Holy Spirit please come and bring healing to my heart and fill me up with the Father’s love.

Encountering The Father’s Love 2020