Dealing with Mother Issues – Prayer

  1. Thank you God for my mother, although she was not able to love me perfectly.

    (It will be helpful to ask Holy Spirit to remind you of specific painful events, to pour out the pain then, picturing your mother in front of you; begin to forgive her from your heart.)

  2. I choose today to forgive you, Mum, for not being able to fill my love tanks, because your own were so empty. I forgive you for …………….. ( eg. not nurturing me, cuddling me, bonding with me, understanding me; for being angry and impatient with me.
     I forgive you for controlling or manipulating me, for not protecting me from abuse etc.) and for not providing that safe place where I could learn to trust. You owe me nothing. Today I accept you as you are, not someone who I wanted you to be.

  3. I repent today of trying to fill that place in my heart with other things, as a substitute for real love. I repent of my wrong reactions to my mother; of rebellion, hardening my heart towards her, withdrawing and closing my heart to her so that I would not receive from her or from you too Father God.

  4. I invite you to come now and begin to heal the pain in my heart, hold me close in your arms, look into my eyes and whisper your words of truth and comfort so that I can learn to trust you.

  5. I let go of being in charge and choose to risk opening my heart to your mother love. I need your comfort and encouragement and nurture.
    Thank you for being the perfect parent and always loving me. Amen.

Encountering The Father’s Love 2020