Dealing with Ungodly Beliefs – Slides

Belief / Expectation Cycle


If you recognize any of these statements as some you might say to yourself you probably have a belief that does not agree with the Word of God.

I need to perform

  • I mustn’t make mistakes
  • If I’m good God will love me more
  • If I work harder God will love and accept me more
  • If I could just be like …. Then it would be OK
  • If I hide behind this mask I can just fit in

God loves others more than me

  • God is good but doesn’t really want to bless me
  • Everyone else is better than me and deserves God’s love more.  They haven’t had the problems I’ve had

God didn’t do a good job when He made me

  • God can work through others but could never use me.  I’m not special
  • I’m not beautiful

God’s grace is not enough to change me

  • God can’t help me I’m too broken to fix
  • I am too weak / insignificant / sinful…
  • This sin/temptation is to difficult even for God I’m just too addicted to this substance / behaviour. God can’t heal me
  • I will always be…. (negative character trait)

I will always be last / poorest / weakest

  • I might as well not bother trying
  • Others will always treat me badly
  • I deserve to be treated with this way
  • My best is not good enough
  • I’ve made choices that have led me here, it’s my fault, I deserve it

I don’t belong

  • I’ll always be on the outside
  • If I let my guard down anything could happen
  • No one could really knows me and likes me

If I let people close, I will get hurt

  • If I open up people will use my secrets against me
  • If I hide my feelings people can’t hurt me or know I’m hurt

I will always be the victim

  • I’m just unlucky
  • I’ve always had it this way, people just abuse me, it’s normal
  • There is no one that will be there for me
  • I can’t trust God. He didn’t come through for me before… God might not keep His word