Dealing with Father Issues – Prayer

  1. Father, I welcome your presence.
    Thank you for all the good things my earthly father did for me.

  2. Today I acknowledge that there is pain in my heart because he was not the perfect father. This is what really hurt me…………….
    (Pour out to the Father the specific thing your father did, how you felt and the effect it has had on your life.)

  3. Today, Father, I choose to forgive my father from my heart. I release him and set him free. I give him the gift of forgiveness.

  4. I repent today for the judgment I have made against my father relating to this issue. Please forgive me.
    Today I lift off the judgment and break its power in Jesus’ name.
    I put the cross of Jesus between me and the judgment and between me and the law of sowing and reaping. I give my father mercy – and mercy triumphs over judgment.

  5. I ask you, Holy Spirit, to come and heal my heart. Take away the pain and fill me with the Father’s love.

  6. Daddy, I also want to repent for the false view I have had of you. I thought you were like my earthly father and that has stopped me coming close to you and enjoying your tenderness and love towards me. Please forgive me.
    I receive your forgiveness and I open my heart to receive you as my true and perfect Father who will never leave me or forsake me. Thank you.

Encountering the Father’s Love 2020